What Is Self Storage?

Learn today and find a storage unit in Azle!

Why Choose Self Storage in Azle?

A hassle-free way to find additional storage space

There are many reasons to choose a self storage unit to solve your need for extra space! 

Self storage units are often used by individuals and families that are moving or renovating. 

If you’re unable to keep your belongings in your home for any reason—whether because you are temporarily without a home or because the items are in the way of work—a storage unit offers an affordable way to store your property without long-term commitments. 

Storage units are also great choices if you just have too many items to store at home. 

For businesses, storage units offer the most affordable way to find extra space and are great for storing inventory and equipment.

Choose Azle Self Storage

We are your top choice for convenient self storage units in Azle!

  • Drive-up access self storage units allow you to pull up to the door and load or unload with ease
  • Online rentals mean you can rent from the comfort of your own device
  • Gated access helps us make sure that only the people who are supposed to be on-site are allowed in
  • Our vehicle storage options let us accommodate your boats, campers, and RVs

What is a Storage Unit?

Self storage units take many forms, but they’re almost always box-shaped containers with doors that can be locked. 

They sometimes include additional features, sizes can vary wildly, and even the way you access the storage unit can change depending on the facility. 

Here at Azle Self Storage, our self storage units are all drive-up access units. This means they have exterior doors, and you can pull a vehicle up to the door.

How to Rent a Storage Unit in Azle

Renting is easy! The most hassle-free method is to find the Azle Self Storage facility nearest to you

Navigate to the page for that facility on our website, see what storage units are available, and rent online. 

It takes minutes, and it means you can secure the right self storage unit from your own home or business before coming out to the facility to see what is available.

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